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Archived: Yannis Alexandrides - Harley Street (1 Devonshire Place)


Inspection carried out on 18 November 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with one person who told us that they were given adequate information about their care and treatment by staff. The patient said that they were treated in a professional manner and that the staff were experienced and courteous.

People told us they were involved in their care and treatment and we found the consent process was thorough. There were sufficient and suitably experienced staff to meet people's needs and the staff members told us the provider supported them in their learning and development.

There was evidence that the complaints were fully investigated and that responses made were appropriate. We saw that the provider had a good process for dealing with complaints and there was evidence that complaints were taken seriously. One person had their concern addressed promptly and to their satisfaction.

Inspection carried out on 15 November 2012

During a routine inspection

The practice had information available to patients that included a website and information leaflets. One person told us that they were given adequate information about their treatment, which enabled them to make an informed decision.

Medical consultations took place in private and a chaperone was available if a patient requested one. Access to translation services was available if required and although the consultation room was not accessible to people using wheelchairs, there were arrangements to see such patients at an alternative practice.

All patients were assessed and a medical history taken. Medical examinations were carried out by the doctor and treatment options were discussed with the patient.

We were told that all patients had treatment plans. One patient told us that the treatment by the practice "changed their life" and that they "could not fault" the practice.

Staff knew how to recognise the signs of abuse and how to contact at the local authority should they have concerns for a patient's welfare.

Staff received appropriate professional development and attended mandatory training. There were arrangements for supervision of staff and they were appraised on their performance annually.

Staff carried out clinical audits on medical records and treatment registers. There was a preventative maintenance plan in place and electrical and fire equipment testing had been carried out.