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Archived: 26 St Marks Road

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Inspection carried out on 31 October 2013

During a routine inspection

During our inspection we spoke with the manager, four care workers, a visiting healthcare professional and three relatives of people who live at the care home. We spent time with four people whose ability to speak to speak with us was limited by their experience of learning disability. We observed their communication and interaction with staff throughout the course of our inspection visit.

We saw that people were supported by staff to make choices about the care they received. Where people lacked capacity important decisions regarding their health and welfare were considered and agreed by those who knew them best. Relatives, care staff, health and social care professionals and specialist advocates ensured through consultation that these decisions were made in peoples best interests.

Care records we looked at showed that people were well cared for enjoyed a wide range of activities and opportunities to use community learning and recreation resources. One relative we spoke with told us that their relative “really enjoys it” at the care home. Another stated that their relative “seems happy there.”

We saw that systems were in place to ensure safe medication management and administration. Records relating to the care provided were well written, useful aids for staff providing care. These records were managed securely in order to ensure people’s confidentiality.

We noted from records and discussions with staff that well managed recruitment, training and supervision helped to ensure the wellbeing of people who lived there.

Inspection carried out on 19, 20 September 2012

During a routine inspection

There were seven people living at 26 St Marks Road when we visited. We met and introduced ourselves to the people living there. Due to people’s communication skills they were unable to communicate their experiences of care to us, but did appear happy and comfortable with the support provided to them.

People’s relatives had no concerns about abuse or bad practice and said they would tell someone if they did see anything.

The service had a mix of staff with appropriate knowledge and skills to meet people's needs. Discussions with staff and observations throughout our visit demonstrated that staff had a good understanding of people’s needs and how to support them.

Relatives we spoke with felt the service was well run and had confidence in staff to run things properly. Relatives also felt able to raise any concerns about the care and service with the staff team. Relatives told us their views regarding all aspects of care were sought and acted upon when possible.