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This service is now registered at a different address - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 20 April 2016

During a routine inspection

We inspected Chinite Resourcing Limited on the 20th April 2016. This was an announced inspection. We informed the provider 48 hours in advance of our visit that we would be inspecting. This was to ensure there was somebody at the location to facilitate our inspection.

The service provides care and support, including personal care to adults living in their own homes. The service currently provides ‘long-term’ care to people, for example to people who require 24 hour care or support at night. At present, out of the 12 people receiving support, six are in receipt of personal care.

There was a registered manager at the service at the time of our inspection. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

Systems were in place to ensure people were safe. Staff had undertaken training in safeguarding adults and were aware of what action to take if any concerns became apparent. Risk assessments were in place and detailed in accordance to people’s personalised needs. Staff were aware of what to do if people’s needs changed and how to update risk assessments. Accidents are incidents were reported in accordance with the corresponding policy. There were sufficient levels of staffing and efficient cover arrangements in place and people’s medicines were managed safely and audited on a regular basis.

Care staff received relevant training to their role as well as a robust induction programme and we saw records of safe recruitment. Relevant checks had been carried out before staff commenced employment.

Staff received regular supervision to support them in their role. The coordinator for the service and registered manager supported staff so they were effective in their role to care for people and deliver a high standard of care.

People had access to health care services in order to meet their needs and records reflected this.

Care plans were person centred and detailed. People were involved in their care planning and decision making. Staff knew people well and were aware of their personal histories and understood their likes and dislikes. Caring and positive relationships were developed with people using the service and their carers.

The registered manager for the service had a good relationship with staff and the people using the service. There was open communications between all parties and people regularly provided feedback. The service had quality assurance methods in place.

Inspection carried out on 21 July 2014

During a routine inspection

A single inspector carried out this visit, the purpose of which was to answer 5 key questions; is the service safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

Below is a summary of what we found. The summary describes what people using the service, their relatives and the staff told us; what we observed and the records we looked at. On the day of our visit there were thirteen active service users who required a variety of support which included personal care.

Is the service safe?

Staff told us they enjoyed their work and we found that they were appropriately trained. Staff we spoke with understood issues in relation to safeguarding and we saw that procedures were in place that protected people from abuse.

Is the service effective?

Staff we spoke with demonstrated that they worked flexibly to meet people's individual needs. One relative commented, "the service is very flexible." Care records we checked were reviewed as people's needs changed. One relative commented, "staff adapted to meet his needs and emotional wellbeing at a difficult time."

Is the service caring?

People were supported by staff who were kind and respectful. One relative told us, "we have regular carers, very good and knowledgeable" another said "staff are very good, treat him with dignity and respect." Care records were personalised and contained information about people's preferences.

Is the service responsive?

Relatives we spoke to told us the service was good and very responsive, even at short notice, comments included "If I need to change things, all I need to do is call in the morning."

Is the service well led?

The provider had systems in place that ensured there was regular contact with people who used the service and their representatives. Staff told us they felt supported in their role by the manager.

Inspection carried out on 29 July 2013

During a routine inspection

People told us that they were treated with dignity and respect by staff. One person told us "they are patient and understanding." We found that staff undertook training in basic care principles, including dignity, independence and choice. Risk assessments and care plans were in place which set out how to meet individual people�s needs.

People told us they got on well with care staff. We found that staff had to provide references, complete an application form and undertake an interview before they began working at the service. We found that the manager regularly asked people about the care and support they received and people we spoke with confirmed this. A relative said "I am pleased to have been asked about dad�s needs.� We found that records at the service were accurate, reduced the risk of unsafe care and were stored securely.

Inspection carried out on 12 November 2012

During a routine inspection

People told us that they were treated with respect and dignity by staff. One person told us "they are OK the carers, they are doing well." We found that staff undertook training in basic care principles, including respect, dignity, independence and choice. We found that care plans were in place for people. However, these contained only very basic information on how to meet people's needs. People told us they felt safe using the service, and that they would be able to raise any concerns they had. One person told us "if the carer didn't do it right I would tell." We found that staff had received training in safeguarding vulnerable adults, and that the service had procedures in place on this.

People told us they got on well with the staff. We found that staff had to complete an application form and undertake an interview before they began working at the service. However, we found that references were either from friends and colleagues, or from employers but without any proof of this. We found that the manager regularly asked people about the care and support they received. People told us this was the case. A relative said "he (the manager) asks me if I am happy with the service, or if I have any complaints."