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Archived: Age UK Lincoln

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Inspection carried out on 30 July 2012

During a themed inspection looking at Domiciliary Care Services

We carried out a themed inspection looking at domiciliary care services. The inspection was lead by a CQC inspector joined by an "expert by experience",( people who have experience of using services and who can provide that perspective and advice). We visited four people in their own homes as part of this review and spoke with them and their relatives about their experiences of the support they have received. We spoke with senior staff at the time of our visit to the office and also spoke to five care workers at the office. We spoke with 21 people or their relatives who received a service from this agency over the telephone.

Everyone spoke positively about their care workers and felt that they fully supported their care needs. Without exception people said all their care workers spoke with them in a calm and respectful way.

Most of the people we spoke with told us that their care was personalised to their needs. People's preferred names were used even when there were changes in care workers. In most cases, people were happy that their care workers adapted well when care changes were made.

A few people could not recall the detail of their care plan but most confirmed they had been involved in discussing and reviewing their care with a team leader from the agency. One person told us that the agency appeared to have the philosophy of, "The one person that matters is you".

People felt staff were well trained and understood their needs. People told us they felt safe and if they had concerns they would speak with a family member, friend or somebody in the office.