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Archived: InSafeHands Limited

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Inspection carried out on 14 December 2012

During a routine inspection

Records showed an assessment of people�s care and support needs was carried out. One person made the following comment:

"The manager came to see us and assessed my relative�s needs and asked us what we needed and wanted. I was very impressed and the service has delivered the support we wanted.�

Records showed people were given a contract that detailed the responsibilities of the provider and the customer including costs. When people lacked the capacity to consent action was taken to gain consent from other parties such as a relative or the appointed lasting power of attorney.

Care plans viewed provided the care workers with information about the type of care and support people needed. People who used the service told us the staff who supported them were caring and professional and had treated them with respect. We spoke with three care workers who told us they had received training in the safeguarding of vulnerable adults.

The three care workers spoken with told us they enjoyed their work and felt well supported in their role. Records showed and care workers spoken with confirmed they had either completed or were being encouraged to undertake a recognised qualification in care.

All records pertaining to the service were held in one central office and were managed by the management team all had responsibility for specific areas of the service. For example care planning and risk management, health and safety and staff deployment.

Inspection carried out on 5 September 2011

During a routine inspection

We spoke with people who receive support from the agency to gain their views on how well the staff members were providing safe and appropriate support. Comments from people were wholly positive and included the following:

�The care is excellent, the carers are marvellous�.

�Carers are very friendly�.

�Has been absolutely brilliant�.

�I am always treated with respect and dignity�.

The people we spoke to also said that they were able to talk to staff members or would contact the office if they had any issues or concerns. One person told us:

�The manager is at the end of the phone�.

We received positive comments about the staff and their approach. Comments included:

�My carers are very chatty and friendly�.

�Very professional�.

The staff members we spoke to were very positive about the agency and the quality of care it was providing to people. One person said:

�Best move I ever made, I am so happy here�.