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Beeches Care Home (Nottingham) Requires improvement

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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Requires improvement

Updated 4 July 2019

About the service:

The Beeches is a care home that was providing personal and nursing care to 32 people at the time of the inspection.

People’s experience of using this service:

People received their medicines when prescribed and these were stored safely. However, we found several recording errors to indicate when a medicine had not been given, refused by a person or when a medication should be given and witnessed by two staff. We also had concerns about the way in which transdermal patches for pain relief and the use of thickeners in food for people were recorded, and the accuracy of this recording in people’s records.

There were not always sufficient numbers of staff to meet people's needs. People told us that night times were of particular concern to them, in relation to the deployment of staff within the home.

People's weights, mouth care, bowel care and fluid intake were not always effectively monitored so that staff could identify early signs of people becoming unwell or managing their weight effectively. We found that risk assessments were in place, although they were not always robust or personalised.

People and their relatives said staff were kind, caring and respected their privacy and dignity.

We found the service was acting within the principles of the Mental Capacity Act.

People's right to confidentiality was protected and their diverse needs were identified and incorporated into their care plans where applicable.

People knew how to complain and knew the process to follow if they had concerns.

Staff training, identified as essential by the provider, was up to date for all staff.

Recruitment processes were in place to make sure, as far as possible, that people were protected from staff being employed who were not suitable.

Staff had received training on safeguarding people from abuse and knew how to raise concerns to keep people safe.

Rating at last inspection:

The last report was rated as ‘Good’ (published 2 March 2016)

Why we inspected:

We last inspected in January 2016, and the inspection was required to ensure the service was still ‘Good’. We routinely inspect services rated as ‘Good’. This is to ensure the service remains at a good level and care is safe. We had no concerns when we planned this inspection. It was planned in line with our usual inspection process.


We found a breach of one regulation relating to the safe care and treatment of people in relation to compliance with the fundamental standards. We have made a recommendation to the provider in relation to this.

Follow up:

We will continue to monitor intelligence we receive about the service until we return to visit as per our re-inspection programme. If any concerning information is received, we may inspect sooner.

For more details, please see the full report which is on the CQC website at

Inspection areas


Requires improvement

Updated 4 July 2019

The service was not always Safe


Requires improvement

Updated 4 July 2019

The service was not always Effective



Updated 4 July 2019

The service was Caring


Requires improvement

Updated 4 July 2019

The service was not always Responsive



Updated 4 July 2019

The service was Well-Led