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Archived: Regis House

The provider of this service changed - see old profile

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 14 November 2013

During a routine inspection

On the day of our inspection six people lived at the home, we spoke with four of the people. The registered manager as detailed on this report no longer worked in the home and the newly appointed manager was not available on the day. However, we spoke with the team leader, operations director and four members of staff.

We found that people were able to give their consent before support was given. One person said, "Staff ask me how I want to be supported.� This meant that staff acted in accordance with people's wishes.

We saw that people's care needs were assessed and clearly identified so that their health and wellbeing was promoted and met. One person said, �Staff look after me very well.�

We found that people were given their medicines as they had been prescribed by their doctor to ensure their health and wellbeing. This meant that medicines were given to people appropriately as prescribed.

We saw that the provide had robust recruitment systems in place so that only staff suitable to work with vulnerable people were employed.

We found that people were asked for their views about the home and people were listened to. The provider had a system in place to ensure the quality of service provision was monitored so that any necessary improvements could be made.

Inspection carried out on 8 January 2013

During a routine inspection

The registered provider delivers care and support for six people with learning difficulties, encouraging them to be as independent as possible. To find out about people�s experiences and what it was like to receive care from this provider we spoke with five people who were using the service, four staff and one trainee. People we spoke with told us positive things about the service. One person told us 'residents are encouraged to do their own things, which is really nice'

We found evidence that people using the service were asked in a number of ways how they wanted their care to be delivered and their dignity and privacy was promoted and maintained. At the lunch time we were told by one person 'I don't like butter on my bread, so I don't have it'

People using the service experienced effective, safe and appropriate care and support that met their needs and protected their rights.

The provider could demonstrate that people are protected from abuse, or risk of abuse and their human rights are respected and upheld. We were told by one person using the service 'we all look after each other, I am happy and feel safe'

People using the service have their safety, health and welfare needs met by competent staff. One staff member said they 'really liked the training on epilepsy because it related to the people I care for'.

The quality of service provision showed that the people benefited from safe care and support, with management of risks to their health and welfare.

Inspection carried out on 21 December 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

We reviewed all the information we hold about this provider, carried out a visit on 21 December 2011, checked the provider's records, observed how people were being cared for, looked at records of people who use services, talked to staff, reviewed information from stakeholders and talked to people who use services.

We spoke with six people who used the service and three members of staff. People told us they were happy at Regis House and that staff helped them with their care and support needs. People told us and we saw that staff supported them with making choices for what they wished to do during the day. One person told us they liked to go shopping, and we saw that they had been out for the weekly shop on the day of our visit. People were keen to tell us about the things they enjoyed such as going to the theatre, church and summer holidays away.

We saw people had access to all areas of the home which meant they could make drinks or snacks whenever they wished. People told us they liked the food that was prepared for them and that they could ask for something different if they did not like what was on offer.

People told us staff helped and supported them with medication and any treatments that were prescribed for them. We saw that medication charts were completed each time people took their medication. Staff told us they checked to make sure that the system is safe and accurate.

We saw that written plans were not always in place for how the service supports people with their care or health needs, although staff we spoke with had this information.

We saw the way the staff checked the quality of the service. People are asked for their opinion of the standard of the service, with any suggestions for improvement being acted upon. People told us of their satisfaction of life within the home, �I love it here, I know all the staff, they are good staff, take us out, and look after us�.