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Archived: Leacroft

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Inspection carried out on 17 September 2013

During an inspection looking at part of the service

Because of the nature of people's disabilities, we were not able to speak with any people living in the home.

We spoke with three staff. They all told us that there had been training in nutrition needs since the last inspection.

This was largely a positive inspection. The essential standard we reinspected had been found to have been met.

There were a number of suggestions made: for the menu to be more varied: for food to be cut up in the kitchen as needed rather than by staff as this took time and made food cold: the provision of better quality meat: and more choice of sandwich fillings served at teatime. The manager said these comments would be followed up.

Inspection carried out on 3 May 2013

During a routine inspection

Due to communication difficulties that people had, it was not possible to speak with anyone who lived in the home. Instead we observed to see how care was provided to people. We found that, generally, staff were providing suitable care in a friendly and encouraging way.

We spoke with five representatives of people. They all told us that the care that staff provided was generally good. One relative said: ��care always seems to be pretty okay��.

This was largely a positive inspection. Representatives of people said that care was good. The main issues identified were to ensure nutrition always meets people's needs. There were a number of suggestions; that long staff shifts of up to 14 hours are shortened to reduce to staff fatigue which effect the quality of service offered. Staff to always ensure that TV or radio programmes are people's own choice. That outings are offered to people on a more regular basis. For a snoozelum room to be provided to give more stimulation to people. And for staff to be trained in palliative care.

Inspection carried out on 19 December 2012

During a routine inspection

Because of people's communication difficulties, we were not able to speak with them.

We spoke with five relatives/friends. They all told us that the care supplied was good, although one person said that this had not always been the case. One friend said; �It�s marvellous there. The care is excellent ��. A relative said; ��Staff are friendly and helpful. The new manager is trying to make things better as well��.

One friend said that staff sometimes would sometimes speak with each other, rather than the people living in the home. Another person said that staff sometimes watched the TV rather than engaging with people.

The main issues that needed attention was to ensure that there were enough staff on duty to care for people at mealtimes. Management also need to ensure that we are kept informed of any safeguarding incidents so that we can monitor whether we need to take action before the next scheduled inspection.

This was a generally positive inspection. The issues we identified from the last inspection were followed up. Relatives and friends were generally very satisfied with the care that staff provide.

Management quickly responded to us as to the issues identified in this inspection.

Inspection carried out on 4 November 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

The people whose care we focused on during this inspection were unable to give their views about the service verbally due to their learning disabilities. However we observed them in the home taking part in activities, interacting with staff, and having a meal. We also spoke with three relatives to get their views on the care provided at Leacroft.

The people who used the service appeared calm and relaxed in the home and to have good relationships with the people who cared for them. Some were taking part in activities during our visit. Two people went out with staff in the minibus to visit a park and seven people had an individual 20 minutes aromatherapy session with a visiting therapist.

Relatives told us the care was good at the home. One said, �I have no worries about the care. (My relative�s) had their health problems and the home have done something about them and taken (my relative) to the doctor if that was needed.� Another told us, �My relative�s always clean and neat when I visit and seems happy enough.�

They also said they thought people were safe at Leacroft. One told us, �I know (my relative) feels safe at Leacroft because when we go out (my relative) is always happy to return to the home.� They also said they knew who to go to if they had a complaint and that the manager was available if they needed to talk to her about anything.

And they told us they were satisfied with the premises. One person said, �The premises seem OK. It�s always clean when I visit and I�m pleased my relative doesn�t have to share a room.� Another commented, �My relative has had new furniture in (their) room and it�s good quality.�

Relatives also gave us their views on the staff team. One person said, �Some of the staff are absolutely brilliant and they�ve been there for a long time, as long as my relative has been there, so they know them very well.� Another commented, "The staff seem good and caring and they get on well with the residents.�