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Archived: Dimensions - 25 Corngreaves Road

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 12 December 2011

During a routine inspection

This location was registered in October 2011. Information we gained from staff and management confirmed that they were only going to look after the people at this location for a short time whilst their future accommodations are being refurbished. It is planned that by the end of January 2012 all eight people presently living at the location will have been moved to their new accommodations.

At the time of our inspection there were eight people living at the location all have a diagnosis of learning disability. These people were previously looked after by the NHS. Some of the people have lived in long term care provisions since they were seven years old.

Staff caring for the eight people during their temporary stay at this location were from a range of places. Some were formally employed by the NHS so they knew the people well. Others were employed by the provider from agencies and small proportion mainly senior managers are employed by the provider.

Because of limited communication and understanding due to learning disability and associated diagnoses we were unable to hold conversations with people. We met five of the eight people living at the location. Staff introduced us to people so we were able to have some engagement. We spent time in a communal area where we could observe and hear some staff and people interaction.

During our time at the location it was clear that staff had a good relationship with people in their care. Staff were patient and polite, in turn people responded positively when they were approached by staff.

We spoke to a number of staff. Generally, staff felt that they were doing a good job considering the rather unusual circumstances. One staff member told us;� I think it has been difficult for the people having to get used to a new environment and mostly new staff. We have worked well as a team to make sure that people are well looked after�.

We found some areas that need to be improved upon to make sure that people are safe and free from harm.

Medication systems and processes need some improvements to make sure that they are robust and safe.

Safeguarding processes need some improvements to make sure that they are robust and safe.

Better, in-depth auditing would give people greater assurance that they are being safeguarding and that the service is being run in their best interests.