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Archived: Crompton Court Residential Care Home

The provider of this service changed - see old profile


Inspection carried out on 11 December 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke to different people about this service to gain a balanced overview of what people experienced, what they thought and how they were cared for. We spoke to three people resident at the service, two relatives of people and three staff members. We spent time observing people using the service, to see how they were cared for and how staff interacted with them.

People said that they had no concerns about the home or the care that service users received, and that the staff were, �lovely.�

Relatives said people were happy in the home.

We saw that staff were cheerful, knew the service users� needs and called people by name.

The property was well laid out and maintained and we saw records of relevant safety assessments.

We looked at requirements relating to workers and saw that appropriate checks were made before staff worked with service users and staff were appropriately trained.

We saw that where issues and complaints were raised, that they were dealt with consistently, in line with the documented policy of the service and we saw evidence that changes were made in response to improve the care and welfare of service users.

Inspection carried out on 17 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke to four relatives and carers and two people who used the service. They said they were well looked after and happy with the service received. They were positive about the staff who supported them.

We observed a good rapport between the people who used the service and staff. Our observations indicated that staff were attentive and had a caring attitude towards the people who used the service. We also spoke with the manager and five staff. We looked at the care records for four people who lived at the home to see how their needs should be met.

The information we gathered from people, relatives and carers indicated that they were happy with the care and support provided. They described the staff as caring and attentive.

There were practices in place to ensure that the people who used the service were respected and that they were involved in the delivery of the service they received as far as this was possible.

Records showed that people had been assessed before they began to use the service. They had a care plan in place detailing the support they needed and how staff were to minimise risks to their well-being.

Staff were provided with the support they needed to enable them to meet the needs of the people who used the service.

There were systems in place to monitor the quality of the service.