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Home Instead Senior Care Outstanding

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Updated 28 January 2020

About the service:

Home Instead Senior Care is a domiciliary care agency that was providing personal care to 56 people at the time of the inspection.

The service was exceptional in placing people at the heart of the service and its values. It had a strong person centred, community and partnership ethos and we saw multiple examples of this creating positive outcomes for people. Staff and the service's management told us how important the services' shared values were to them, and how they were passionate about providing outstanding person-centred care to people when they needed it. Many people that were being supported told us they thought of their carers as being like family members and friends, and told us they were highly compassionate, caring and flexible in their approach.

People's needs, and wishes were met by staff who knew them well. We saw and were told of many examples of staff going 'above and beyond' to help and support people they cared for. The service carefully matched people to carers which in turn contributed to creating a 'personal touch' and a strong, visible person centred approach. People were truly respected and valued as individuals; and empowered as partners in their care from an exceptional service. The staff and management team recognised and worked with people to reduce social isolation, they were particularly sensitive to times when people needed caring and compassionate support.

The provider had developed innovative and creative ways of training and developing their staff. This meant that the registered manager and provider supported staff to put their learning into practice to deliver outstanding care that meet people’s individual needs. Home Instead Senior Care is an outward looking service which means it was continuously looking to work alongside and in partnership with healthcare professionals and other organisations to make sure staff received training which followed best practice and where possible, contribute to the development of best practice. Staff were supported to identify and complete a personalised Learning & Development Programme. The programme was designed to include face to face training, eLearning and workbooks to ensure the individual training needs of staff were included to ensure maximum learning. We saw an example of how Home Instead had developed Innovative ways of reinforcing staff learning.

The service was extremely well led and the management team's vision and values put people at the centre of the service. We saw these values had been integrated into the selection and training of staff and continued through day to day care ensuring people received a safe, caring and responsive service. There was a clear management structure in place that supported the registered manager in their role. Each staff members roles and responsibilities were clearly defined which helped to ensure that the service ran efficiently. Managers were encouraged to develop their leadership skills and those of others.

Staff were safely recruited. Staff were aware of how to report any concerns about neglect or

abuse and were confident they would be addressed. They felt they were listened to and were part of an organisation that cared for them and their wellbeing, as well as the people they were supporting.

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Updated 28 January 2020

The service was safe.

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Updated 28 January 2020

The service was exceptionally effective.

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Updated 28 January 2020

The service was caring.

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Updated 28 January 2020

The service was responsive.

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Updated 28 January 2020

The service was exceptionally well-led.

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