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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 11 June 2014
Date of Publication: 22 July 2014
Inspection Report published 22 July 2014 PDF


Inspection carried out on 11 June 2014

During an inspection looking at part of the service

We considered our inspection findings in order to answer questions we always ask;

� Is the service safe?

� Is the service effective?

� Is the service caring?

� Is the service responsive?

� Is the service well-led?

Below is a summary of what we found:

Is the service safe?

The inspection team consisted of three inspectors. The majority of people were unable to communicate with us verbally because of their dementia. Therefore we spoke with their relatives and observed staff practices to determine how care and treatment was provided.

We spoke with six people who were able to communicate verbally and five relatives to find out their opinions. We also consulted with two local authority care managers; a local authority contracts officer, safeguarding officer, dietetic assistant and an infection prevention and control practitioner from the local hospital Trust to find out their views. We also spoke with eight members of staff.

The care home was divided into four smaller areas. Staff explained that these were called �houses� and not units since they were people�s homes. All areas of the care home were safe, clean and well maintained. Staff had started to decorate the home to help orientate and stimulate the senses of people who lived there.

We found that there were now enough domestic staff employed to ensure that relevant standards such as those relating to infection control and the environment were met.

CQC monitors the operation of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards which applies to care homes. Following a recent court ruling concerning the deprivation of liberty in care settings, the provider may wish to review people�s living arrangements. This could identify circumstances which may amount to a deprivation of liberty according to the revised definition.

Is the service effective?

It was clear from our observations and from speaking with staff that they had a good understanding of the people's care and support needs and that they knew them well.

We discovered that equipment was in good working order and was being used correctly. We saw that overlay pressure relieving mattresses used to support pressure care were now correctly positioned over existing mattresses. We observed that some people had adjustable beds in their rooms which could be raised or lowered to help them get in and out of bed safely.

Is the service caring?

We noticed that care workers showed patience and gave encouragement when supporting people. One relative informed us, �My relative doesn�t say much but he smiles at the staff so I know he�s being well looked after.� People looked well cared for.

Is the service responsive?

One relative told us, �The care is good here. They do cater for people with dementia.�

Systems were in place to make sure that lessons were learnt from events such as

accidents, incidents, complaints and concerns. These processes reduced the risk to people and helped the service continually improve.

Is the service well led

A manager was in place who was not currently registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). A registered manager is a person who is registered with CQC to manage the service and shares the legal responsibility for meeting the requirements of the law with the provider. The previous registered manager had left on the 4 November 2013. This meant that they had been without a manager who was registered with CQC for over seven months. The manager submitted her application to register on the day of our inspection which CQC has received but not yet processed.

People spoke positively about the manager. One person described her as �brilliant�. He also commented, �Out of 100, I�d give it 101. I�ve no complaints.�

We found that a variety of checks were carried out to monitor the quality of the service. These included audits on care plans, health and safety, medication and dining. The regional manager carried out a monthly audit of all systems and procedures at the home. Meetings were held for people and their relatives.

Staff told us they were clear about their roles and responsibilities. They informed us that regular meetings were held and this was confirmed by minutes of meetings. Staff explained that morale had improved within the home. One care worker said, �The morale has totally lifted. The home feels a lot better.�