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Inspection carried out on 5 March 2013

During a routine inspection

We were unable to speak with patients or their carers as our visit was on a day when no patients attended. However, we saw positive responses in written feedback from patients about the therapies on offer, the personalised approach to care and treatment, and the provision of clear information to support their decision making. Individual patient records were kept up to date at each contact with the service, and there was evidence that patients were spoken with by telephone after surgical procedures.

Staff correctly located emergency equipment and described their role in managing foreseeable emergencies, and in protecting the health, safety and welfare of those in their care. There were evidence based policies in place which were reviewed and updated regularly.

Care and treatment were provided by staff with the right knowledge, experience and skills to support people. Staff felt well supported in their roles and that their training and development needs were addressed in a timely manner. Staff had successfully completed ar range of learning and development activities.

Staff told us how important safeguarding was within the centre. They had all attended safeguarding training and were able to correctly describe what may constitute abuse and their specific safeguarding responsibilities.

A range of measures was in place to assess and act upon risk and quality issues,. We saw examples of learning from reported incidents and patient and staff feedback.