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E-zec Medical Transport - Cornwall

Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating

Updated 1 June 2021

We carried out a focused inspection of E-Zec Medical Cornwall on 7 April 2021 following concerns which had been raised about aspects of the service and about another location managed by this provider and other. As this was a focused inspection, we only inspected parts of our key questions: safe and well led. We did not inspect effective, caring and responsive.

Our inspection had a short announcement (24 hours) to enable us to observe routine activity. Before the inspection, we reviewed information we had about the provider based on the intelligence we had received. Due to the narrow focus of this inspection, we did not rate this service at this inspection.

We found:

  • Audit systems did not always identify shortfalls in service provision. We found out of date consumables items in two out of the five ambulances inspected. The recruitment process did not ensure that safety checks about new staff were used to protect patients. Senior depot staff were not made aware of any staff risks needed to ensure patient safety.
  • The Saltash premises was visibly dirty and increased the risk of the spread of infection. Not all staff followed infection prevention control processes to minimise the chance of cross infection. Staff wore jewellery, such as rings and watches. Staff did not always follow processes to ensure uniforms were cleaned sufficiently to protect patients and staff.


  • On the whole apart from the Saltash location, the service managed infection risk well. Staff used equipment and control measures to protect patients, themselves and others from infection. Overall, they kept equipment, vehicles and premises visibly clean. Staff completed and updated risk assessments for each patient and removed or minimised risks. The service managed patient safety incidents well. Staff recognised and reported incidents and near misses and managers investigated incidents and shared lessons learned with the whole team and the wider service.
  • Leaders had the skills and abilities to run the service and there were some governance structures which enabled oversight of the service. Leaders understood and managed the priorities and issues the service faced. They were visible and approachable in the service for patients and staff, and supported staff to develop their skills and take on more senior roles. Overall, staff felt respected, supported and valued. They were focused on the needs of patients receiving care. The service had an open culture where patients, their families and staff could raise concerns without fear.

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Patient transport services

Updated 1 June 2021

We did not rate the service at this inspection.