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Archived: Elite Event Medical Services Ltd

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Inspection carried out on 28 February 2014

During a routine inspection

When we visited the provider�s site we spoke with the manager who told us how the service operated. We were not able to speak with patients due to the nature of the service.

We saw that patients and event organisers had commented on their experience of the service through various measures, for example, comment cards and emails. One event organiser commented �The team are wonderful to work with and provide a fantastic first aid service.�

Ambulances and equipment were cleaned and stored appropriately. The type of equipment available was appropriate and sufficient for the service purpose. We saw that there was a system in place to maintain equipment so that it was safe to use. Staff told us that they were trained to use all the equipment safely.

We spoke to three staff who told us that they felt well supported by the team and received regular training appropriate for their role. One staff member told us that, �Everybody says it�s the best company they�ve worked for.�

We reviewed patient care records and saw that they were completed appropriately. We saw certificates and documentation that demonstrated the ambulances and medical equipment were checked, tested and maintained to a high standard. We saw records were stored securely to maintain confidentiality, prevent unauthorised access and allowed them to be located quickly.

Inspection carried out on 11 January 2013

During a routine inspection

The service provides medical and first aid support to public events and has one ambulance which is used for patient treatment. We were not able to speak to patients directly but we were shown patient satisfaction records which had been completed after treatment was provided by the service. The records we looked at showed that patients had made positive comments about the service. Comments included, "Good care" and "Excellent service."

We looked at patient report forms which had been completed to describe the patient's assessment and treatment. We looked at records which showed that resource assessments had been made of public events so that the service could determine the type of support that should be provided.

We saw that the service had a complaints procedure which, we were told, was displayed at public events so that patients had information about how to raise a concern or complaint should they wish to do so.

We looked at the service's recruitment procedure to make sure there were robust systems in place for the protection of patients. We were told that part time staff and volunteers were employed. We spoke to a volunteer who confirmed that they had provided references and a criminal records bureau check to the service before working at public events.

We spoke with one person who had employed the service to provide medical and first aid support at a public event. We were told, "Elite are professional and we shall use them again."