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Archived: CSPC Healthcare Ltd.

This service is now registered at a different address - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 3 June 2014

During a routine inspection

This was an announced scheduled inspection. We told the agency we were visiting two days in advance. This was to make sure the people we needed to speak with were available. During the inspection we spoke with people that received a service, relatives, care workers and the manager and provider.

We considered our inspection findings to answer the questions we always ask;

Is the service safe?

The provider had a safeguarding procedure in place and staff were trained how to identify and respond to incidents of abuse. People told us they felt safe when receiving their care.

Risks to people were not fully identified to keep people safe. This meant that people may have been put at risk of harm. The provider did not have appropriate systems in place for managing the risks and for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at the premises where was organised. We have asked the provider to tell us how they will make improvements and meet the requirements in relation to risk management.

People told us that they felt their rights to dignity and privacy were respected.

Care workers received induction and on-going training to undertake their role.

Is the service effective?

People had a plan of care that gave details about their care needs. The provider could put in place a more effective system to gain people's views about their care.

Most people were happy with the care provided. They told us that care was provided at the correct time and staff stayed the correct length of time.

Is the service caring?

People told us that staff were friendly and caring. People said that their care was not rushed. Comments included: "Happy with the service", "They treat me nicely" and "They are like friends".

The provider completed an annual satisfaction survey in 2013. Actions had been taken to improve the service following this.

Is the service responsive?

The service had a complaints procedure and when complaints were made they were acted upon.

Health care professionals told us that the agency worked well with them to make sure that people received appropriate 'end of life' care.

Is the service well led?

The service had systems in place to monitor people's care. Spot checks were made on care practices and daily records were regularly checked. Where these showed shortfalls the service told us these were acted upon although records of these actions were not kept.

Telephone reviews of care were completed and when people's needs had changed plans of care were updated.


Inspection carried out on 20 December 2013

During a routine inspection

We inspected CSPC Healthcare Ltd as part of our scheduled inspection plan. We told the provider we were visiting them the day before the inspection to ensure they would be available.

We met and spoke with the providers, one of whom is the registered manager and four care staff. We contacted three people that used the service by telephone and spoke with them about their experiences. We also spoke with three relatives and a hospital social worker. We received positive feedback from all we spoke with.

We saw that people�s care and welfare were well documented and updated to ensure their care was delivered correctly. We saw that risk assessments were in place to support people�s independence.

We looked at how the agency ensured equipment was in place in a person�s home and how the care staff were instructed to safely use it. We spoke with care staff about how they were supervised and trained to meet people�s needs. We reviewed the agency�s complaints procedure and saw that they had not received any formal complaints in the current year.

Inspection carried out on 14 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with one person who used the service and three families of people who used the service. We also spoke with four members of staff.

We found that people were given suitable information from the agency to consider before they confirmed whether the care agency would provide their care. We found that people continued to be informed and involved once they had chosen this agency to provide their care. One relative told us, "We had 100 % say in the care we needed and how we wanted this given".

We saw that the agency was in the process of reformatting their care plans. We saw that the old care plans provided very detailed instructions for what care was required in relation to specified needs. A person who used the service told us, "The care is wonderful".

We found that the staff were very knowledgeable about and responsive to safeguarding concerns. A member of staff told us, "I ring the office with any concern straight away, and back it up with a note in the daily log".

We saw that needs analyses were undertaken to determine the number of staff required to provide safe care to the people who used the service.

We saw that the provider effectively assessed and monitored the quality of service delivery. We saw that feedback surveys had been analysed to improve the quality of care provided.

The provider discussed with us that the service was currently undergoing renovation work to its premises.