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Archived: Fitzwilliam Court


Inspection carried out on 23 September 2013

During a routine inspection

At the time of our inspection, Fitzwilliam Court provided care and support to 13 people. We spoke with four people who invited us to visit them in their apartments.

Records checked showed that before people received any care, support or treatment they were asked for their consent and the staff acted in accordance with their wishes.

People experienced care, treatment and support that met their needs and protected their rights. All people we spoke with were satisfied with their care. Their comments included "The care staff who come to see me are very nice�, �staff are lovely�, �Smashing girls [care staff].They are a good group of staff who come to see me�, �staff respect me� and �I know all the staff who come to my flat, staff understand my needs and are very good.�

We found that people's needs were identified in care plans which were reviewed at regular intervals. People had been involved in the care planning process.

Where people were assisted and/ or prompted with their medication, people we spoke with did not have any concerns. Staff were appropriately trained in the safe handling of medicines and appropriate policies and procedures about medicines were in place.

People were cared for, or supported by, suitably qualified, skilled and experienced staff. The provider had appropriate and effective recruitment procedures in place.

The provider had an effective system to regularly assess and monitor the quality of service that people received.

Inspection carried out on 28 August 2012

During a routine inspection

People we visited in their apartments told us that they were happy with the care and support they received. People said, "The staff are very good, they are really nice." Another person said, �The staff that come to see me are really kind and they never rush me.� Other comments included, �I get an excellent service.�

We spoke with relatives who were visiting people in their apartments. They told us that they were satisfied with the care provided. One told us, "The staff are lovely. The staff are very caring.�

Another relative said� We are very happy with the care, staff are lovely.�

We spoke with four relatives of people that received care. They confirmed they had been involved in discussing and reviewing the care of their loved one with a care worker. People receiving care said they were also involved in making decisions about their support needs. One person said, "I have a care plan that states what I need, staff have just updated it."

Care plans were in people�s apartments and a copy was also held at the office in the complex.

People told us that they felt safe, and if they had concerns they would speak with staff or the manager of the service.

We contacted Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC), social services contracts and safeguarding departments. They said that they have had no recent reports of concerns or dissatisfaction with the personal care people had received from the service.

The service refers to the care staff as �enablers�. However, all people and their relatives referred to staff as care staff. We therefore, for the purpose of this report, will refer to the enablers as care staff.