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Archived: Bridge House Detoxification Unit


Inspection carried out on 5 July 2013

During a routine inspection

At the time of our visit five people were using the service. They had all started their detoxification programmes within the previous few days. We found that people were given sufficient information to enable them to make informed decisions about taking part in the detoxification programme. The people we spoke with said they understood the need for rules and routines in the programme and said they did not find these too restrictive.

Written care and treatment plans were in place for each person. The plans provided clear instructions to staff about how the person was to be supported. These were reviewed daily to ensure they were effective.

Effective systems were in place for inducting, training and supporting staff. Staff members were equipped with the right skills to do their job. We found that agency staff and bank staff were managed effectively in order to maintain continuity and quality of service.

There was an effective system to regularly assess and monitor the quality of service that people received and to ensure the provision of safe and appropriate care at all times.

Inspection carried out on 2 July 2012

During a routine inspection

One person receiving treatment at Bridge House told us that the staff team had always been respectful, considerate and understanding. This same person went on to say that his privacy and dignity had been respected by staff at all times. We were also told, “Staff never leave you alone, there is unbelievable support here. Staff are always asking me if I am OK or if I need anything.”

During the course of our visit it was only possible to speak with one person using the service. However this person spoke very positively about the support he had received saying, “I love this place, I will not want to leave, the staff are fantastic. I have been to other places before but this is by far the best.”

The person we spoke with described staff as “Absolutely fantastic” and gave a good account how staff has supported him during a period of distress. This same person also said, “The best thing about this place is the staff, it’s not a job, this is from the heart, they seem to really care”.