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Archived: Abbeyfield Lodge

The provider of this service changed - see new profile


Inspection carried out on 4 March 2014

During a routine inspection

Abbeyfield Lodge was registered for twelve people and eleven people were living at the home at the time of our visit. Three people told us about their experiences of living at the home. One person told us “it is a great place to live, the staff are brilliant”. We observed staff interacting with people and found that they were respectful and friendly. We also reviewed people’s records and spoke with staff and the manager. The staff and manager had good knowledge of people’s preferences, likes and dislikes and the best ways to meet their care and support needs.

We found that people had individual risk assessments and support plans related to these which were reviewed regularly. Staff coordinated care and support with other professionals in order to ensure people’s needs were met.

Staff records evidenced that they had regular training, supervision and appraisals. Staff told us they felt well supported working at the home. One staff member said “I really look forward to coming to work, I think we all do, it feels worthwhile but is fun too”.

Inspection carried out on 14 December 2012

During a routine inspection

The people who use this service told us that they like living at Abbeyfield Lodge. We were told “the staff are excellent” and “there is a family atmosphere”. We saw that people were supported in a way that promoted the people’s welfare and respected their right to choose.

We saw that the people who live at the home are involved in recruiting staff. People told us they were involved in creating their own care plans. We found that care plans reflected people’s individual needs, including risks associated with their mental health needs.

We found that staff had a good knowledge of how to safeguard people from harm. We found the home was kept clean and people were protected from the risk of infection.

We found that the provider regularly carried out checks of the quality of the service provided at this home. This included consulting the people who live in the home and allowing staff to make comments on the service confidentially.