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Northampton Diagnostic Centre Good


Review carried out on 9 September 2021

During a monthly review of our data

We carried out a review of the data available to us about Northampton Diagnostic Centre on 9 September 2021. We have not found evidence that we need to carry out an inspection or reassess our rating at this stage.

This could change at any time if we receive new information. We will continue to monitor data about this service.

If you have concerns about Northampton Diagnostic Centre, you can give feedback on this service.

Inspection carried out on 31 October 2018

During a routine inspection

The provision of PET/CT scanning services, which is classified under the diagnostic imaging and endoscopy core service was the only core service provided at this service. We rated this core service as good overall. There were systems, processes and practices essential to keep patients safe identified, put in place and communicated to staff. Care records were written and managed according to best practice.

 In most cases, relevant and current evidence-based guidance, standards, best practice and legislation was used to identify and develop how services, care and treatment were delivered.

 Information about the outcomes of patient’s care and treatment was routinely collected and monitored. There were governance frameworks to support the delivery of good quality care. 

However, we were not assured staff working with radiation had appropriate training in the regulations, radiation risks, and use of radiation.