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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 13 February 2018

This inspection took place on 18 January 2018 and was unannounced.

The service is registered to provide residential care for up to eight people with learning disability or mental health conditions. At the time of our inspection five people were living at the home.

There was a registered manager in post. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service, like registered providers; they are 'registered persons'. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

There were systems in place that helped ensure medicines were managed safely for people. Risk assessments and care plans helped promote the safety of people when they were out in the community and within the home.

People were supported to stay safe at the home and in the community. The staff had been on training about abuse and had the knowledge and insight to know how to keep people safe. This helped people to be protected from abuse and avoidable harm.

People were well supported to have choice and control of their lives. The staff team supported them in the most positive way they could. There were policies and systems to support the staff to do this effectively. People were well supported with their health needs and their wellbeing was closely observed by staff.

The principles of the Mental Capacity Act were implemented in the home. There were policies and systems in the home that supported the staff and people who lived there.

People were supported to have enough to eat and drink to maintain good health. Menus were planned based on each person’s choices and preferences.

People were encouraged and supported by the staff to maintain their independence. The staff team respected people’s privacy and dignity.

People were supported in ways that were flexible to their individual needs and preferences. Activities were individualised to reflect the interests wishes and choices of each person. Care plans were personalised and guided staff to provide care and support in the way people preferred.

There were quality monitoring systems and checks in place to help develop improvements and ensure a safe and good standard of care and service for people. People’s relatives and professionals involved in people’s care gave positive feedback about the service.

The home was being well run by the registered manager .Staff and professionals spoke positively of the registered manager who was inclusive and supportive in the way they managed the home. The registered manager also conveyed to us that they were very positive in their approach towards the care being provided for people.

There was a respectful culture between the registered manager, staff and those who lived at the home. People felt comfortable about engaging with the registered manager and the team. The atmosphere in the home was relaxed, informal and homely. The registered manager and staff worked hard to provide a service that was safe, caring, effective and responsive to people’s needs.

Inspection areas



Updated 13 February 2018

The service was safe

Risks to people were identified and actions put in place when needed to keep people safe.

There were enough staff on duty at any time to help to keep people safe from harm.

Staff understood about abuse and how to protect people at the home.

There were safe systems in place for storing, giving and managing people�s


People were protected by the provider�s recruitment procedure as it helped to minimise the risk of unsuitable staff being employed.



Updated 13 February 2018

The service was effective

People�s needs were being fully met by staff who were trained and properly supported to do their jobs effectively.

The principles of The Mental Capacity Act were understood and applied by the staff and this meant people's rights were respected.

People were well supported with their range of complex nutritional and dietary needs.



Updated 13 February 2018

The service was caring

Staff understood how to apply equalities and diversity when they supported people at the home

People were supported by staff who were kind caring and. respectful towards them .

People were supported by staff who understood their unique needs .



Updated 13 February 2018

The service was responsive

People supported people both in and out of the home in a way that was flexible to their needs.

Care plans helped to guide staff to understand how to provide care and support that was responsive to their changing needs.

People were very well supported to take part in social and therapeutic activities both in the home and the community .



Updated 13 February 2018

The service was well led

The service was well led

The registered manager was open and inclusive and the home was run in the best interests of people who lived there.

The provider had effective systems in place to check and monitor the quality of the care and the service provided for people.

Staff and people felt well supported and were encouraged to make their views known about how the home was run.