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Archived: Henry Road


Inspection carried out on 5 March 2014

During a routine inspection

We spoke with people who use the service, staff members and the Registered Manager. There were five people using the house at Henry Road at the time of our visit.

People said that they were treated with dignity and respect. People told us that they were involved in the planning of their care at PCP (Chelmsford). One person said: �They do involve you in the care plan and they are really supportive.�

Safeguarding procedures were in place and staff had been trained in safeguarding. People said that they felt safe at PCP (Chelmsford). One person told us: �I have every confidence in the staff. I feel very safe here.�

Systems were in place to monitor the service that people received to ensure that the service was satisfactory and safe. Everyone we spoke to said that they were happy with the service.

Inspection carried out on 18 February 2013

During a routine inspection

During our visit to Henry Road we spoke with both of the people who were staying at this accommodation while they received treatment for substance misuse. People we spoke with said they were happy living at Henry Road.

Staff showed an understanding of people�s needs and preferences and we saw that staff were polite when speaking with people. We also noted that people living in the home appeared comfortable with staff and we saw good-humoured conversations.

People were satisfied with their treatment, and complimented the staff who supported them. One person said: �All the staff are willing to help you with any issue, you can be open and honest and no one judges you.� They said they were always treated with respect by the staff.