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Archived: Chester Road Dental Practice

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Inspection carried out on 10 December 2013

During a routine inspection

As part of our inspection we spoke with seven patients who were receiving treatment. All were complimentary of the service they received. They told us that they always felt involved in their care and that they gave consent to the treatment they received. Some of the patients had been with the practice for a long time others were very new to the practice. One patient told us �They�re great here. I have complete confidence. They are very good at explaining things. I have no complaints at all.� Another said �The dentist is wonderful. All the staff are great. They always explain what they are going to do and why. I know the costs and treatment options before the treatments begin. I have been coming here for years. My family come here too�.

We looked at patient�s notes, treatment plans and records of their medical and dental history and found them to contain clear and relevant information.

The practice was clean and hygienic. Suitable equipment was available and good processes were in place for cleaning, decontaminating and sterilizing instruments.

We found that staff were properly recruited, that proper staff checks were undertaken and that on-going training and professional development was well evidenced for all staff.

There were arrangements in place for all staff to be able to recognise and report safeguarding concerns for adults or children to the relevant person and authority.

A complaints procedure was available.