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Inspection carried out on 14 February 2013

During a routine inspection

On the day of our visit we only managed to speak with one patient. The one patient we spoke to was very complimentary about the practice. They felt that they were treated with respect and dignity. They told us that they were informed about the choices, alternatives and possible outcomes of their treatment. The patient said "I am very happy with the service". We were told that the staff were friendly, which we observed to be the case, and that they treated people with courtesy.

We noted that a suggestion box was present in the waiting room and that a patient satisfaction survey was ongoing. We saw the analysis from this survey and found that the results were very positive towards both the practice and the staff.

We saw that patients' were listened to in all areas of the practice, which we found to be clean and comfortable throughout. The patient we spoke with also stressed how clean and comfortable they found the practice.

We found that patient's were able to give consent for treatment appropriately and the staff were well trained and caring. The practice was well led and the staff were observed to be well organised.