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Archived: Parvy Lodge


Inspection carried out on 9 January 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with the manager of the service, one other member of staff and one person who used the service. One person was sleeping at the time of the inspection and another person chose not to speak to us. We saw in the records that people had been asked to express their views about the service, for example in house meetings and one to one 'key worker' sessions.

The care plans viewed included information about promoting people's independence and encouraging them to take part in activities of interest in the community. For example, one person had an interest in table tennis and was supported to play at a local leisure centre. Care plans included people's needs in relation to their mental health and the action staff should take to meet these and people's likes, dislikes and preferences were recorded. However, care plans did not always consider all identified needs.

Medicines were safely stored and administered and regular medicine audits were taking place. People were supported to self administer their medicines where this was deemed safe and appropriate.

There was one member of staff on duty at all times including a member of staff sleeping in during the night. Additional support was also being provided from the provider's other services which were very close by when required. The staff were equipped with the appropriate skills and knowledge to enable them to meet people's needs effectively.

The home had an appropriate complaints management system in place.

Inspection carried out on 20 December 2011

During a routine inspection

People told us they were able to decide if they wanted to move into the home and they visited before making that decision. We saw evidence that assessments of new people had taken place and they were involved in this process.

People told us they liked living at the home and they were able to choose how they spent their time. They confirmed they could see family and friends and staff supported them where needed. They also said they received the right level of support and accessed a variety of places in the community, such as drop in day centres and groups run by in the community at the local mental health team.

People told us they felt safe living in the home and would speak with staff if they had any concerns.

People said they felt able to talk with the staff and express their views about the home and the support they received to the manager.