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Highbarrow Residential Home Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 25 July 2014
Date of Publication: 27 August 2014
Inspection Report published 27 August 2014 PDF | 80.38 KB


Inspection carried out on 25 July 2014

During an inspection in response to concerns

The concerns we received were that some staff working at the home had not had the proper recruitment checks or any training and that there were not enough staff on duty to meet people’s needs. At the time of our visit 13 people were using the service. We looked at staff recruitment and training records and the staff rotas. We spoke with staff, people using the service and one person’s visitor and a visiting professional. We also spent time in the communal areas of the home to observe the staffing levels in place and looked at the quality monitoring systems in place to check if the service was well led. We used the information we gathered to answer the following questions.

Is the service safe?

One staff member did not have a criminal record bureau (CRB) check on file at the time of the inspection. The provider sent evidence after the inspection that demonstrated that this check had been undertaken. This meant that the appropriate recruitment checks were in place to ensure people were cared for by staff that were safe to work with them.

None of the people who used the service raised any concerns regarding the numbers of staff on duty although they did confirm that there had been occasions when they had to wait for staff support.

We observed three occasions when there was no staff member in the communal lounge and one occasion when a person had to wait fifteen minutes to be supported to use the toilet. No assessment tool was in place to determine the staffing levels based on people's needs. Following the inspection the provider produced a tool to determine staffing levels based on people's needs. However this was ineffective as it underestimated the level of need of people in the home.

Is the service effective?

There were some gaps within the records seen regarding staff training and supervision, but we saw that this was being addressed by the new manager and provider to ensure staff were supported appropriately.

Is the service well led?

A new manager had been in post for one week at the time of our visit. We saw that actions had been taken by the new manager to monitor the standards in place at the home and identify where improvements were required.

All of the people using the service told us that the new manager was approachable and friendly. Some staff we spoke with felt it was too soon to make a judgement about the new manager. One person said; “She has only been here a week so it’s difficult to say what I think, she seems ok.” Other staff told us that they believed the home was more organised. One person said; “It seems more organised now, everyone knows what they’re doing, it wasn’t very organised before. I have been asking for certain training since I started and now it’s been booked.”