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Archived: The Clinic Dental Facial Ltd

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Inspection carried out on 4 September 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with three patients, two dentists, two dental nurses and the practice manager. Patients spoke positively about their experiences at the service, their comments included: “All this state of the art equipment makes you confident you are getting the best possible treatment, it is worth every penny,” “It’s modern with a relaxed feel which really appealed to me, I can’t recommend it highly enough” and “You book an appointment for a set time but if it takes longer it takes longer, you never feel rushed.”

A patient stated that they felt comforted in the knowledge that the dentist was a skilled medical professional and considered their whole health and wellbeing. Patients consistently told us that they felt safe using the service. A patient told us they felt assured that “They always check my medical history by asking if anything has changed at each visit.”

Patients were involved in decisions about their dental care and were consulted about their treatment plans. Patients said “You can ask as many questions as you want, the cost is always explained” and “The dentists discussed with me the best option from the choices I had.”

The service was clean with processes in place to sustain good levels of cleanliness. Patient comments about standards of cleanliness included: “It is always very clean with all of the staff always looking very clean as well” and “I liked the cleanliness of the place straight away you can see how clean everything is.”

Staff received appropriate training and professional development to ensure they had the skills to provide safe treatments.

There were mechanisms in place for the service to regularly assess and monitor the quality of its services and facilities to help ensure that patients remained safe and were provided with appropriate standards of treatment.