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Archived: Action for Change - Hastings and Rother


Inspection carried out on 25 November 2013

During a routine inspection

People that we spoke with told us they were well supported by the service. They told us that decisions and changes were up to them.

We saw that people's consent was sought when they started using the service.

People told us they set their own goals. One person said, "it's just what I need.�

We saw that the provider co-operated with other care providers to achieve a good level of care for people. We saw that complaints were listened and responded to appropriately.

We saw that staff received appropriate professional development and support.

Inspection carried out on 5 March 2013

During a routine inspection

People told us that Action for Change had really helped them achieve personal goals related to alcohol use. They told us the service was non judgemental and that they felt very safe and comfortable using it. One person told us that even though they had "relapsed" they had felt able to come back. All the people we spoke with said that the service had helped them "get their lives back". They told us that the service continued to support them beyond initially giving up drinking and that this support helped them stay abstinent and prevented relapse.

Staff told us they felt well supported at work and that they worked in a very "client-led" way. They told us how important it was that anyone coming to use services felt at ease and that nobody was judging them

We found that the service was focused on supporting people to achieve personal goals related to alcohol use and that staff were supported to do so.

We found a programme of staff training in place and underway.

We found that there were appropriate policies and guidance in place to keep people using the service and staff providing the service safe.