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Archived: Tamar Valley Dental Clinic

Florence Road Industrial Estate, Kelly Bray, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 8EX (01579) 389623

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28 October 2013

During an inspection looking at part of the service

When we visited the practice we met with the registered manager and spoke with the clinical lead. We looked at the arrangements in place for decontaminating instruments used in dentistry.

We saw that the facilities provided were safe and suitable for this purpose.

10 September 2013

During a routine inspection

When we visited the Tamar Valley Dental Clinic, we toured the premises, looked at records of care, staff training and other records relating to the running of the service and talked with the registered manager, clinical lead and four other staff on duty. We spoke with five people who used the service in the waiting room or by phone. The specialist advisor accompanied us to help us assess the safety of the service.

People attending for general dentistry said that the dentist always explained what needed to be done and quoted the price. People who came for implants said that the pre-treatment assessment had been very thorough. They had been advised of what had been found and what could be done as well as problems that might be encountered after treatment, so that they were well prepared.

We saw that the treatment rooms and waiting area were clean and in good repair except for the area behind the sinks where instruments were cleaned. This could not be effectively cleaned and therefore presented a potential risk of contamination.

We found that there were arrangements in place to provide staff appropriately to cover for absences. Induction and training were provided to maintain a safe standard of work.

All the records we looked at were up to date and fit for purpose to support a safe and reliable service.

We had received information alleging that an unqualified person had carried out an examination. The evidence that we saw did not substantiate this allegation.