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Archived: Suite 12 Harcourt House


Inspection carried out on 24 April 2013

During a routine inspection

Most patients received initial information about their planned treatment from their referring dentist. The endodontist provided further explanation, showing them. A patient said "I was given very clear explanation about my treatment, with the reasons for it". Another patient said " I was promptly and successfully treated" at the practice, and "I was put at ease when I was worried about possible pain".

The endodontist told us that patients completed a medical history form before starting treatment, and patients were asked about relevant points such as allergies. In most cases treatment started at the first appointment.

The environment was clean and tidy on the day of the inspection. There were appropriate arrangements to decontaminate, sterilize, package and store instruments safely.

The dentist and dental nurse had undertaken relevant training that was up to date.

There was no formal process for collecting peoples' views on their treatment, but patients fed back comments informally. In the event of a complaint the practice had a policy and a procedure. On conclusion of treatment the endodontist gave patients information, verbally and in writing about after care and pain relief, and encouraged them to telephone him if they had any concerns. Two patients we spoke to said that they had telephoned the practice for follow up. One said "the dentist took time to speak to me about how I was feeling. He was brilliant".