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Archived: Future Home Care Limited

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Inspection carried out on 28 November 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited 15 people in their homes and spoke with nine people on the telephone. We spoke with ten staff. We looked at the care records of three people when we visited the office and met with three managers.

People were involved in planning their care and had some choice about who supported them. Two people we spoke with told us they had been involved in choosing the people they wanted to support them. One person told us, �I was involved in interviewing staff.� Another person said, �Staff cook, they ask me what I want and I choose from the fridge.�

Records showed and people told us they received the support they needed to enable them to live independently with support. We saw that the level of support varied depending on their needs. This meant that support was tailored to people�s individual needs.

Most people told us that they were happy with the staff who supported them. We received some comments from people that they didn�t like the way some staff spoke to them. Some people had raised this with managers which showed that they were able to raise the concerns. One person told us, �Some staff were over rigid with routines and I didn�t like it. Have spoken to office, they have took on board. They do listen.�

Staff received training, supervision and guidance so that they were supported to care for people safely.

Systems were in place to ensure that the quality of the service and people's views about the service provided were monitored and improviements made.