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Viapath Group LLP - Kings College Hospital


Inspection carried out on 25 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with people who had come to the phlebotomy department for blood tests. They told us that they were happy with their treatment and with the attitude and competence of the staff. They felt the department was clean and hygienic. Their privacy was maintained and staff treated them with respect. One person said, “Staff are friendly and helpful.” Another said, “Whenever I have been here I have been impressed, staff are polite and the place is kept very clean.”

People we spoke with commented on the waiting time for their blood test. One person said they expected a long wait because the clinic was so busy but said that staff kept them informed of how long it would be before they were seen. However, two people felt that the waiting time was too long.

We spoke with King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust about the service contract with GTST Pathology. The trust was happy in most respects with the services provided and felt the provider responded positively to improve service delivery. There were ongoing issues in relation to waiting times in the phlebotomy department. However, the trust felt the provider had put in place a viable plan to address this issue.