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The Gloucester Street Dental Practice


Inspection carried out on 6 June 2013

During a routine inspection

We met with five people as they came to the practice for appointments or advice. One person said they were �Delighted with the dentist� they saw and �Couldn�t recommend them highly enough�. They told us the dentist always wore protective gloves, goggles and mask, explained treatment and helped them to feel reassured.

Another person described the dentist as �Young, innovative and patient� describing why he �Inspires confidence� and advises on preventative dentistry. One member of staff said they �Couldn�t ask for a better boss� and another described the dentist as patient with them.

Information was made available including details of treatment and the costs involved. When people gave consent treatment would commence. The practice gave consideration to people�s individual needs.

A range of treatments were available including general and cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening with good records kept. There were arrangements in place to deal with medical emergencies. The practice offered oral health education. Arrangements were in place to respond to suspicions of abuse to children or vulnerable adults.

The premises and equipment were kept in good order and there were procedures for infection control and decontamination of dental instruments.

Staff were recruited appropriately and there were arrangements for them to be supported and receive training.

The quality of the service was monitored and there were appropriate arrangements for the handling of complaints