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Window to the Womb Outstanding

Details of this locations CQC registration

Here you will find the list of services and areas where we, the Care Quality Commission, authorise and regulate this service to operate. If you think this service is operating services not listed here please contact us

Type of service
  • Community services - Healthcare
  • Diagnosis/screening
  • Caring for adults under 65 yrs
  • Caring for children (0 - 18yrs)
Local authority
  • County Durham

Regulated services/activities

CQC register Window to the Womb to carry out the following legally regulated services here:

Diagnostic and screening procedures

  • Mrs Iona Louise Harries is responsible for these services.
  • Mrs Iona Louise Harries is the registered manager for these services at this location.
Terms of this registration relating to carrying out this regulated activity

The registered provider must ensure that the regulated activity Diagnostic and screening procedures is managed by an individual who is registered as a manager in respect of that activity at or from Window to the Womb.