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Guardian Angel Carers Ltd Outstanding

This service was previously registered at a different address - see old profile

Inspection Summary

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Updated 22 February 2018

The inspection was announced and took place on 25 September 2017.

Guardian Angel Carers Ltd is a domiciliary care agency that provides personal care and support to people in their own homes in Chichester and the surrounding areas. People who receive a service include those living with frailty or memory loss due to the progression of age, mobility needs and health conditions. At the time of this inspection the agency was providing personal care to 114 people.

Visits ranged from half an hour up to six hours. The frequency of visits ranged from one visit per week to four visits per day depending on people’s individual needs. The agency also provides live-in carers for people and overnight care.

During our inspection the provider and the registered manager were present. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

The agency was previously inspected in May 2015 however a change in legal entity has resulted in this being the first inspection since then.

The agency had clear vision and values that were person-centred, fully embedded and owned by everyone. This ensured people were at the heart of the service. High quality care was integral to the agency and robust systems were in place to drive continuous improvement. There were a range of quality assurance audits and checks in place that helped ensure the agency ran smoothly. The agency had developed effective partnerships with other organisations to ensure they were following current practice and providing a high quality service. The provider, registered manager and members of the staff team were members of, or worked with, local and national organisations that provided support, guidance, and information about best practice. They attend workshops and meetings with these organisations in addition to receiving regular updates and information. We saw that publications from these organisations were shared with staff and service provision reviewed when needed to ensure continual improvement and best practice. Records and discussions with people and care workers confirmed that this was applied in practice and led to a consistently high service.

Being part of the community was intrinsic to the ethos and culture of the agency. The provider and the registered manager went out of their way to put people at the heart of the service. They constantly looked for ways of improving the service to benefit people they provided a service to. This also extended to older people in the wider community as the provider recognised that older people were at risk of isolation. The provider founded the ‘Golden Angels Lunch Club’ six years ago. The agency has donated Christmas gifts each year, and in January 2017 the agency became sponsors of the club. This is a lunch club for older people who live alone that takes place bi-monthly. The club provides a home cooked meal for a small cost and includes providing transport to and from the venue. It is run by volunteers that include the provider and people who work at agency.

There was a sustained and positive culture at the agency that was open, inclusive and empowering. All the care workers spoke very highly of the provider and the registered manager. The provider and registered manager were excellent role models who placed importance on developing each member of staff's potential and helping them develop a career path, offering promotion to suitable staff where possible. The provider also promoted a strong sense of teamwork, keeping care workers involved, and making sure they felt valued. This ethos won the agency best large business and best overall business 2017 at the Observer and Gazette Business Awards. This is a local newspaper that operates in the areas that

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Updated 22 February 2018

The service was safe.

People were protected from harm. People had confidence in the service and felt safe and secure when receiving care and support. Risks to the health, safety or wellbeing of people who used the service were addressed in a positive and proportionate way.

Care workers were deployed in sufficient numbers with the knowledge, skills and time to care for people in a safe and consistent manner. There were safe recruitment procedures to help ensure that people received their support from staff of suitable character.

People�s medicines were managed safely.



Updated 22 February 2018

The service was effective.

Assessment and care planning processes ensured people�s legal rights were upheld with regard to consent.

Care workers were provided with high quality training and regular support to ensure they had the necessary skills and knowledge to meet people�s needs effectively.

People were supported with their health and dietary needs.



Updated 22 February 2018

The service was exceptionally caring.

People who used the service valued the relationships they had with care workers and expressed great satisfaction with the compassionate care they received. People were pleased with the consistency of their care workers and felt that their care was provided in the way they wanted it to be.

Highly personalised and compassionate care was provided by dedicated staff. People were treated with dignity and respect and were involved with all aspects of their care, including when they were coming to the end of their lives.



Updated 22 February 2018

The service was exceptionally responsive.

People received exceptionally personalised care from care workers who were highly skilled and trained to meet their individual needs. Care plans were individualised and helped care workers provide highly responsive care.

The provider viewed concerns as a tool for consistently driving improvements and as a result people felt valued and comfortable to share their views. A high volume of compliments had been recorded.



Updated 22 February 2018

The service was exceptionally well led.

People benefitted from a service where the provider promoted strong community links and worked in partnership with other agencies.

The provider and registered manager promoted strong values and a person centred culture. Care workers were proud to work for the provider and had a good understanding of the values of the service.

People benefitted from a service that was run by a management team with clear roles and responsibilities. The provider placed importance on developing each member of staff's potential and helping them develop a career pathway.

The provider had robust systems in place to regularly monitor all aspects of the service and make improvements where necessary. The provider listened closely to the views of people who used the service and their families to constantly monitor and improve the service.