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Bhandal Dental Practice - 45 Zoar Street


Inspection carried out on 14 March 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with five people, one dentist, two qualified dental nurses, one trainee dental nurse, and the area manager on the day of the inspection.

Records showed that people had consented to their treatment. All the people we spoke with told us that treatment options were discussed with them. One person said, �The dentist explained this in detail.�

People had their medical history recorded and reviewed frequently. Records showed that oral health was promoted, and appropriate advice was offered. One person told us, �The dentist is really good.�

We looked at decontamination processes and found that robust arrangements were in place to minimise the risk of infection.

We found that staff had the appropriate checks carried before they were employed.

All the people we spoke with were complimentary about the service and the staff. Systems were in place to for people to complain and provide the service with their comments.