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Other CQC inspections of services

Community & mental health inspection reports for Harrison House can be found at NAViGO Health and Social Care CIC.

Inspection carried out on 29 November 2013

During a routine inspection

People were asked for their consent and their treatment options were discussed with them. One person explained how they were being treated and told us, �I agreed to come and signed.� We saw that people signed their care plan to confirm their agreement to receive treatment.

People spoke positively about their experience of care and treatment. One person told us, �They have worked with me for a long time and they go that extra bit for me. The doctors and staff try to help not just with mental health but with physical needs and housing.� Another person said, �This ward is brilliant. They can talk to you with complete understanding � they are really clued into people.�

People who used the service spoke very positively about its cleanliness. One person told us, �It is very clean and they have cleaners on every day. Bathrooms are sanitised and they have different coloured mops for each type of floor.�

Peoples� comments about staff were mainly positive. One person told us, �The staff are brilliant; they listen and help out. They have been supportive to me.� Another person commented, �The majority of the staff are lovely,� and �They are a fantastic team.�

People we spoke with were clear about how to make a complaint. One person told us, �There are complaint forms you can write and put in. I would feel confident to raise a complaint, but I would talk to staff first to see if I could sort it out that way.�

Inspection carried out on 2 October 2012

During a routine inspection

People told us they appreciated the facilities in Harrison House and that they could be involved in the running of these services. Weekly meetings were held for people to contribute their views. People told us that their rooms were comfortable and pleasant. People were supported to use facilities in the community.

People spoke positively about the coordinated arrangements for their care and treatment and the respectful way in which staff treated them. People we spoke with also said that the food was of a high standard.

People said that the staff were helpful and easy to talk to. Staff spoke very positively about working for the provider and their support for staff development. Staff we spoke with demonstrated a commitment to improving the service they offered to people.