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Archived: Tancred Hall Nursing Centre

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Inspection carried out on 7 June 2012

During a routine inspection

Many of the people at Tancred Hall Nursing Centre were unable to tell us about their

experiences, because they had complex needs which meant that we were not able to communicate with them about this. Instead we spent time observing mealtimes and how people were assisted with their meals and how care was being provided throughout the day. We also used a formal way to observe people in this review, to help us understand how people's needs were supported. We call this the 'Short Observational Framework for Inspection' (SOFI).

We spoke with one relative during our visit who spoke very highly about the home. They told us that they are able to visit the home at anytime and that their relative was �so much better� since they came to live at the home. They also told us that it had been �the best decision� they had made. They said �The care here is very good.�

We did not have the opportunity to speak with any other relatives or any visiting health professionals. We did speak with staff at the home. Staff we spoke with told us that they were confident that the home was moving in the right direction under the new management team.

Inspection carried out on 27 March 2012

During an inspection in response to concerns

We carried out this inspection as concerns had been raised with us about the care and welfare of the people living at Tancred Hall Nursing Centre and the overall management of the home. Many of the people at Tancred Hall Nursing Centre were unable to tell us their views about the outcome areas we looked at. We did not have the opportunity to speak with any visiting relatives or health or social care professionals although we did speak with a number of staff.

People we spoke with were not able to tell us about how they consented to their care or treatment. We observed how people interacted with staff and we saw that people were only able to make limited choices for themselves about their daily lives. We observed the staff to see what choices they enabled people to make for themselves.

During our inspection we observed how people were being cared for especially at mealtimes. People were seen being assisted by staff with their meals and drinks. We saw that staff assisted people to eat and drink where people needed help. Whilst we did observe good interactions we uncovered issues regarding people losing weight and people�s care needs not being reviewed regularly to ensure that their health and welfare was being maintained.

We spoke with representatives of the Local Authority contracting team who told us that they were currently working with this service and would keep us informed of any concerns.

Inspection carried out on 14 June 2011

During a routine inspection

The people who used the service told us that they were happy with the care and support that they received. One person said �We came and looked round before moving in. The staff were great they were friendly people. Now, when we ask for help it is no trouble, staff come quickly when we need things, they are there to do it, you cannot complain about the staff at all. They know what help I need and they make sure I get it�. A relative said �The staff are always around. They are polite and people are treated with dignity and respect�.

People we spoke to said �We haven�t had any trouble at all, if we did we would talk to staff and things would be sorted out�. Another person said �I feel safe with the staff here�. A relative said �If I had any concerns I would feel comfortable to address the issue. The manager is great, she is always very helpful�.

People we spoke to said they had no issues to raise about the cleanliness of the home. One person said �The home is clean and tidy, it is first class. We have soap and towels to wash our hands with�.

People we spoke to said they had no issues regarding medication. A relative said �I have no issues; there is a tendency to try not to give to many medications�.

People told us they were happy with how the home was presented and maintained. On person said �We looked at some rooms before coming in and we liked it�. A visitor said �They redecorate rooms, there are good views and no bad aromas, it is a good home�.