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Archived: East Lancashire Integrated Substance Misuse Service: Burnley House - T3 Prescribing


Inspection carried out on 30 May 2013

During a routine inspection

People spoken with told us they had agreed to the support provided. One person commented, �I accepted the treatment they offered and if I didn�t agree with something they respected my wishes, they�re very caring�.

We looked at four support plans of people who used the service. We saw procedures in place to ensure their consent was gained in relation to the care provided. A person told us, �I�m here every day it�s glorious, they ask what you want throughout your treatment�.

People told us they had no concerns about the support being provided and they felt safe and protected. People said, �Coming here saved my life� and �If I didn�t feel safe I wouldn�t come here�.

We looked at how medicines were handled at the service and looked at peoples Medication Administration Records (MARs).

We noted these records had been signed to show that medication had been administered correctly. During the inspection the manager reviewed the medicines key handling procedure to ensure medicines would be stored more securely.

We looked at staff records and saw that support workers had been appropriately recruited and provided with training relevant to their role. People spoken with said, �Staff are amazing� and �The amount of work that they do with you is amazing and I�ve got a routine now�.

We saw records that showed there were appropriate systems for evaluating the service quality and safety of the care provided.

Inspection carried out on 6 July 2012

During a routine inspection

Two people told us they were satisfied with the service provided. They said, �I have signed consent to treatment form� and �Yes I signed to agree to treatment because I wanted to move forward with my life�.

Four people told us they had no concerns about their treatment and support. Two people told us, �This place has given me a purpose� and �My care plan is designed so that I can take responsibility for my recovery�.

Support workers had received training on safeguarding vulnerable adults and had access to appropriate policies and procedures. Two people using the service said, �I have no complaints I feel safe here� and �It�s an amazing place, it�s like I have a new family�.

Two people told us that most of the time there were enough staff on duty to meet people's needs. People made complimentary comments about the staff team. Two people using the service told us, �The key workers have been invaluable� and �They are fantastic here�

Four people who used the service told us they were asked on an ongoing basis if they were satisfied with the support and treatment provided by the service.

Records were kept secure and confidential for each person in the home. A person who used the service told us, �I know what�s on my records, because I gave my key worker the information and I signed it after reading it to make sure I agreed�.