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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 6 June 2011
Date of Publication: 13 July 2011


Inspection carried out on 6 June 2011

During an inspection looking at part of the service

People and their relatives told us that they had looked around the home before they moved in. One relative told us �we were shown a variety of rooms and chose one�. Relatives also confirmed that the home had undertaken an assessment of their family member�s needs before they had moved in. People that use the service told us that they were happy with their care. Comments included �It�s all very nice� and �I�m happy as I am, nothing needs improving�. One relative said �Compared to any of the homes we have seen we couldn�t wish for a better home, we couldn�t want for her (their family member) to be in a better place�. Other relatives said �It�s quite good, no fault with it� and �Overall I am satisfied�.

One person told us they could get up when they wished to as they were able to get out of bed themselves, but others said they were not able to choose when to get up, as they had to wait for the staff to be available to help them. When asked if they could go to bed when they liked one person said �not when I like, no�. They explained that there were �several who go up in the lift and we all go together when the night staff come on�. People told us that they had been helped to have a bath recently; with most saying that this had been within the last few days.

People told us they were happy with the food and most people said that although they did not get a choice of meals they could ask for something else if they did not like what was provided. One person said �it�s very nice and if there�s nothing I like they always offer me something else, like today I didn�t like gammon and I had fish and they also asked me if I was happy with it�. One relative told us that the food was �lovely� and that people did get an alternative when they didn�t like what was on the menu for the day. People told us that they always had a choice of drinks.

People told us that when they were unwell they had access to a doctor or nurse. Relatives we spoke with confirmed that they were always kept informed about their family member�s health and gave examples of when the staff had telephoned them due to their family member being unwell.

People that use the service said that there were some activities in the home and one person told us that �X (the activities staff) does things, sometimes we have a game of ludo, I enjoy that�. Relatives confirmed they had seen activities going on such as music and exercise, dancing, singing and they said that newspapers were delivered everyday.

People using the service told us that the home was always clean. One person said �the cleaner is nice she does my room when I come down in the morning�. Relatives confirmed that the home was always clean and tidy. One person said �Its always spotless and sweet smelling�. People that visit the service told us that the odour in the entrance hall had improved. One person said �Its always spotless and sweet smelling�. Another said �there is an odour sometimes, but I would expect it and I don�t think it can be helped�. People said that they were happy with their rooms. One person said �it�s very nice� and they told us that they had brought things in such as photographs to make their room feel comfortable.

People using the service told us that the staff were kind, caring and sensitive when helping them with their personal care. One person felt that staff were knowledgeable about their care needs. They said �they are all very nice people�. Relatives told us that interactions between people using the service and the staff were very good. Comments from relatives about the staff included �the staff show such compassion�, �very good� and �The members of staff are purposeful, professional and caring beyond the call of duty.�

People using the service told us that they felt safe in the home. They said that they were not formally asked their views of the service, but most knew how to make a compliant if they needed to. One person said they had not made any complaints but said they would complain to the �office� if they needed to and felt confident things would be sorted out. One relative did not feel they were often asked their opinion of the home, but did confirm that they had completed a questionnaire recently. Another person told us they had never made a formal complaint, but had raised some issues which were always resolved, so they felt confident any complaint would be sorted out.