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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 27 September 2018

This inspection took place on 14 August 2018 and was announced. Mineral Homecare Limited provides domiciliary care and support for people living in their own homes. Mineral Homecare Limited provides a service to people living in Stroud and surrounding areas. At the time of our inspection there were 10 people who were receiving personal care. The service provided care for people with long term health care conditions, older people, people with physical disabilities and people living with dementia. Care staff provide a service to people who need assistance with aspects of their care including mobility needs, personal hygiene and eating and drinking.

We last inspected Mineral Homecare Limited on 28 June and 10 July 2017 and rated the service as “Requires Improvement”. At this time the service was known as First Contact Healthcare Limited (Stroud). At the 2017 inspection the provider was not meeting all of the required regulations. We found people were at risk of being cared for by unsuitable staff because robust recruitment processes were not in place. We also made a recommendation to the provider in respect to their good governance systems they operated as a new business. At this inspection we found improvements had been made and sustained by the provider and we rated the service as “Good.”

The service had a registered manager, who was also the provider of the service. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

The provider had implemented robust recruitment processes to ensure all care staff were of good character. The provider had implemented systems to monitor, assess and improve the quality of service they provided to people. The provider had recruited a manager who was registering with CQC. The provider also had plans to further develop management systems for the service.

People told us they felt safe and comfortable when receiving support from care staff. People and their relatives felt their needs were met by skilled and dedicated care staff. People and their relatives spoke positively about the care and support they received. People received support which was personalised to their needs, including support with their personal hygiene needs and support with their prescribed medicines. People and their relatives told us they felt listened to and could not fault the care they received.

Care staff spoke confidently about the support they received. Care staff had the skills and training they needed to meet people’s needs. Care staff received support from the provider and manager and told us their professional development was promoted.

Inspection areas



Updated 27 September 2018

The service was safe. People felt safe when receiving care from care staff. Care staff had a clear understanding of their responsibilities to identify and report concerns or allegations of abuse.

Risks to people�s care had been identified and there was clear guidance to staff on how to manage these risks.

People told us care staff spent time with them. Staff told us they had enough time to assist people in a safe and calm manner. The provider ensured staff were of good character before they were offered employment.



Updated 27 September 2018

The service was effective. People were supported by care staff who had the skills and training they needed to meet people�s needs.

People were supported to make choices and care staff had knowledge in relation to the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Where necessary, people were supported with their dietary and healthcare needs.



Updated 27 September 2018

The service was caring. People spoke highly about care staff and felt they were treated with dignity and respect when receiving care.

The provider promoted a caring culture across the organisation. Care Staff spoke about people in a kind and a caring manner.



Updated 27 September 2018

The service was responsive. People�s care plans were personalised to people and their needs.

People and their relatives were involved in the planning of their care.

People and their relatives were confident their complaints would be listened to and acted upon by the provider.



Updated 27 September 2018

The service was well-led. The provider had systems in place to assess, monitor and improve the quality of service people received. The provider had plans to develop these systems to further develop the service.

People and their relatives spoke positively about the registered manager and felt the service was managed well.