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Updated 25 July 2018

152 Harley Street is operated by 152 Harley Street Limited. Facilities include three operating theatres, a two-bedded level two care unit, a laser treatment room, X-ray, outpatient and diagnostic facilities. There were no inpatient beds.

The service provides surgical, outpatients and diagnostic services for private patients. We inspected areas within surgery and services for children and young people, where concerns hasd been raised to us.

We carried out an unannounced visit on 26 April 2018. During the visit, we focused on areas of concern identified through information sent to us. We reviewed care records of people who had used the service. We reviewed the service’s records such as procedures and audits. We spoke with staff, including administration staff, nurses and a number of consultants.

Throughout the inspection, we took account of what people told us.

For the majority of the issues raised to us, we did not find any evidence to support the concerns. However, we did find that two consent forms out of the 14 that we had reviewed were not signed by the consultant. Patients were changing from outside clothes in the minor procedures operating theatre, which was not in line with infection prevention and control guidance and the storage of procedure log books within theatres was not in line with information governance best practice guidance.

Amanda Stanford

Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals London

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Updated 25 July 2018


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Updated 25 July 2018