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The Hampton Wick Dental Centre


Inspection carried out on 19 April 2013

During a routine inspection

People who use the service told us that they were satisfied with the treatment they had received and way it was provided. "Very welcoming, a good family run business". "Everyone is very attentive and friendly".

The procedure for consultation and treatment was fully explained including the fees charged. People were also told about any risks that might arise from treatments chosen. They felt treated with dignity, respect and had received consultations and treatment in a way that maintained their privacy.

People using the service said they were aware of the complaints procedure but had not had cause to use it. They did not comment on the centre's infection control systems or staffing numbers. They did tell us they thought the centre was kept clean, tidy and felt safe using the service. They also said that the staff were "Welcoming, polite and informative".

We saw that people received enough information to make informed decisions about their treatment in a number of ways including verbal and visual description. There was a robust complaints process that was followed and infection prevention procedures were in place with people receiving treatment in a clean environment. There were also enough qualified and competent staff to meet people's needs.

Inspection carried out on 8 March 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with some of the people who had received treatment at the surgery on the day of our visit. They all spoke positively about their experience at the Hampton Wick Dental Centre. One person told us that they had been nervous about coming to the dentist but that the staff had put them at ease. Two people who we spoke with told us that they had recommended friends. They all said that the atmosphere at the surgery was relaxed and welcoming. They said that they were very pleased with the treatment they had received and felt that this had been clearly explained to them.

We saw staff interacting with people who were visiting. They were friendly and positive. They knew about people�s individual needs and spoke to people in a relaxed and respectful manner. One person said, ��the staff are very friendly, they create a family atmosphere��. Another person told us, ��I think they have created the magic combination of a relaxed atmosphere, attractive environment and very good care and treatment��.

People told us that the environment was always clean and they did not have any concerns about hygiene. They said that the staff were professional and very experienced. They told us that they were happy with the outcomes they experienced and that they felt their teeth were well looked after. One person said, ��if it had not been for the dentist here I do not think I would have had any teeth left, she has done wonders for me��.