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Archived: Contemporary Dental

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Inspection carried out on 16 January 2014

During a routine inspection

Contemporary Dental has three dental surgeries serving people living in Exeter and the surrounding area. The practice provides private patient dental care as well as other services such as dental implant surgery. The patients we met during our inspection spoke positively about the service and told us; �It�s a brilliant service, a nice environment and the staff put you at ease�; and �The manner of the dentist is reassuring and professional. Excellent�.

We spoke with eight patients during our inspection as well as all the dental and nursing team; this included the practice manager. We observed the practice of the dentist and the dental nurses during our inspection. We found that patients were respected and involved in their treatment. They were provided with information relevant to their needs both within the practice and from the providers� website. Patient privacy was respected.

Patients care and treatment was based on a full mouth assessment. Treatment was provided in line with treatment plans which patients signed and appointments were based on the dental needs of patients and made at times convenient to the patient.

The surgery appeared clean and tidy. One patient told us �I always find it clean & tidy here�. There were practices in place to ensure the surgery area was cleaned between patients as well as at the end of each day. Dental equipment was cleaned in a way which demonstrated compliance with current department of health guidelines.

Recruitment was carried out in a way which ensured staff were suitably knowledgeable and experienced to fulfil their role. All clinical staff were registered with the General Dental Council. All staff had received basic skills training during their induction period which included first aid and awareness in hygiene and infection control

The practice had a dual paper records and computer based record system. The records we looked at were accurate and fit for purpose. Records relating to the running of the practice were up to date and reviewed by the providers� staff.