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The Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre


Inspection carried out on 7 June 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with five people who used this dental service. People told us "staff very friendly", "stressless", "brilliant", "very relaxed friendly family atmosphere" and "hygiene is paramount". People told us everything was explained and the dentist discussed treatment options. Everyone said they were involved in their treatment plan and had been asked for their consent.

We found people's treatment needs were assessed and treatment was provided by experienced and qualified staff. There were systems in place in the event of a medical emergency.

We found that people who used this service and staff were protected from identifiable risks of acquiring an infection because the operation of systems provided to prevent the spread of infections was designed in accordance with the guidance from the Department of Health primary care dental practice.

We found that staff were qualified and had the relevant skills and experience to carry out their jobs.

We found the quality of the service provided was audited and monitored by the staff, the provider and externally by other regulatory bodies.