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Barnardo's Brighton & Hove Link Plus Home Support Service Good

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Updated 19 April 2019

About the service: Barnardo's Brighton & Hove Link Plus Home Support Service is registered to provide personal care for children and young people with disabilities. At the time of the inspection, home support workers were providing a sitting service to provide parents of four children or young people a break from their caring responsibilities.

People’s experience of using this service:

¿ Families and children and young people receiving the service continued to be supported by a tailored care package that met their specific needs and wishes.

¿ The needs of children and young people who received a service and any risks continued to be comprehensively assessed. Care plans were centered on the child or young person. Care plans had been compiled in collaboration with them and their parent or carer and took into consideration the child or young person's preferences likes and dislikes and the wishes of the family.

¿ A commissioner told us, “I have heard first-hand how vital the Home Care Support Service is and how well valued and trusted the carers are. We have received many testimonies reinforcing what impact the carers & the service has had for the family.”

¿ The family, including the child or young person, chose the home support worker who they were matched with and received consistent support from. A parent said to us, “All the team at Barnardo’s are kind, caring and approachable - understanding fully the needs of the whole family - they have supported us for many years now and have seen our child grow and thrive with their support.”

¿ Children and young people were provided with meaningful and individualised activities and outings which they enjoyed such as horse riding, swimming and going to social groups.

¿ Children and young people continued to be supported by staff who had the skills and knowledge to meet their assessed needs, preferences and choices. In addition to mandatory training, home support workers received training tailored to the specific needs of the child or young person they were matched with.

¿ Home support workers knew the children and young people they supported well and treated them and their family members or carers with compassion and respect. A parent told us, “I’ve been using the service for 5 years, it has been the most constant support that I have received over this time, and the support that feels the most reliable and trustworthy.” A feedback form from a parent said, “Our Home Support Worker is such a positive addition to life and to my life. She is extremely responsible and thoughtful, she’s an observant person and I trust her to meet very complex needs. Another feedback form from a parent said, “I feel such a relief knowing is coming for a few hours – it means I can rest if I’ve been up all night, can got to the supermarket or catch up on stuff that has been worrying me.”

¿ Parents told us that the communication between them the home support workers and staff in the office continued to be effective.

¿ Children and young people were protected from harm and kept safe. Home support workers were trained to recognise the signs of any potential abuse and knew what action to take if they had any concerns about people’s safety or welfare.

¿ The service continued to employ sufficient numbers of staff to make sure children and young people's needs were met and for the service to be managed on a day to day basis.

¿ Quality assurance arrangements were in place to seek feedback from staff, people and parents or carers views about the service to make continuous improvements to the service.

This service met the characteristics of Good. More information is in the ‘Detailed Findings’ below.

Rating at last inspection: Good. The last inspection report was published on 15 July 2016.

Why we inspected: This was a planned comprehensive inspection that was scheduled to take place in line with Care Quality Commission (CQC) scheduling guidelin

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Updated 19 April 2019

The service was safe

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The service was effective

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The service was caring

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The service was responsive

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The service was well-led

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