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Archived: Winchester House Dental Practice

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Inspection carried out on 8 May 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with eight people who used Winchester Dental Practice to gain their experiences of the service they received. People we spoke with included people with mobility challenges, people who had received extensive treatment, people who were very nervous about visiting the dentist and people who had attended the practice over a number of years.

People we spoke with said they were happy with the service they received and said they had recommended the practice to their family and friends. One person told us �Now I have visited this practice I now know what it is really like to visit a good dentist�. People told us they were always made very welcome and they rarely waited longer than a few minutes before being seen. We observed this during our visit when people arrived at the practice.

Everybody said they felt respected by the staff and said their privacy was upheld.

People told us they felt fully involved in their treatment and were provided with sufficient information to make an informed decision about their treatment. They said their check ups were thorough and they were always provided with a copy of their treatment plan and an estimation of costs if they were having a lot of work done. One person told us that one of the things that the service did well was �The good balanced care.�

People with challenges to their mobility told us the practice made sure they received the assistance they required so that their routine check ups and treatment were carried out safely and effectively. On the day of our nspection we saw the practice had arranged for a person who needed this type of support to receive their treatment in the ground floor dental surgery of the practice. This enabled them to be as independent as possible whilst promoting their dignity.

Everybody confirmed that staff asked about their health and medication. One person said, "My dentist knows what tablets I take and asks me if there have been any changes when I go back for a return visit�.

People said they felt safe attending the practice and had no concerns about their care and welfare. Staff confirmed they had received some training in child protection. The service acknowledged they needed to further develop staff training for safeguarding adults to better equip them to deal with concerns regarding a person's wellbeing or if they observed abuse. We saw this matter was in hand.

People told us the practice was always clean and tidy and confirmed clinical staff always wore personal protective clothing such as a short sleeved uniform, gloves and eye protection. One person said, �the practice is spotless � in fact it is pristine." Staff told us they had received enough training in infection control and prevention to help minimise the risk of cross infection.

Some quality assurance systems were in place to monitor and review the quality of the service provided we saw this was an area that practice were working to improve. Health and safety systems were being developed to make sure that people who used and worked at the practice were safe.