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Archived: Majestic Care North West

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Inspection carried out on 11 July 2013

During a routine inspection

People told us they were satisfied with the care and support provided by Majestic Care. They told us, �I can�t complain about the service�, �It�s a small company therefore more personal� and �I am quite happy with them and am satisfied with what they do�.

People told us they were involved in planning their care and support package. They told us the care they received was good and that they had care plans describing how their support should be provided. However, we found improvements were needed with care planning, reviews and care plan updates.

People considered they were treated with dignity and said their privacy was respected.

People said they had been given information about the service, which provided useful information and contact details. However, we found some of the information was incorrect.

People told us the staff were helpful and punctual. They had had no concerns about their care and treatment, they said they felt safe with the staff. They described staff as �Marvellous� and �Good�.

We found people had been formally asked about their experience of the service. There were some arrangements in place to check things were being done properly and further monitoring systems were being introduced.

Inspection carried out on 22 November 2012

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

We did not speak with people using the service during this inspection. However we found at our inspection in May 2012 people were generally satisfied with the care and support they received from the agency.

We found progress had been made with making sure people�s care plans included enough details about their needs and choices. Procedures had been introduced to provide guidance for staff on dealing with emergencies. Policies and procedures had been developed, to provide guidance for managers and staff on the safe management of medicines. This meant action had been taken to reduce the risks of people receiving unsafe or inappropriate care and support.

We found progress had been made in ensuring people using the service were safeguarded against the risk of abuse. However, we noted some guidelines for staff to follow on protecting people were not very precise.

Progress had been made with making sure the agencies� recruitment practices more effectively protected people using the service. We found some progress had been made with developing the services� programme of staff training and support.

Arrangements had been made to formally ask people about their experience and opinions of the service. We found some checks of the services� various systems and practises had been carried out. We were told further monitoring processes were to be introduced.