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Carewatch (Lancashire West & Central) Good

We have edited an inspection report for Carewatch (Lancashire West & Central) in order to remove some text which should not have been included in this report. This has not affected the rating given to this service.
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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 20 September 2011
Date of Publication: 17 November 2011
Inspection Report published 17 November 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 20 September 2011

During a routine inspection

We spoke to the director, manager and two staff in the office on the day of the site inspection. In addition we spoke to some staff and people using the service by telephone. Comments we received were all positive and included, "They are all OK, I think they give me a decent service�. Also, "They are a happy bunch and like to have a chat, I look forward to them coming�.

People we spoke to told us they thought the agency was very good in the support they provide. Comments included, �Absolutely brilliant�, �They all know what they are doing, I am confident in them�.

Staff members we spoke to told us they thought it was a good agency to work for. Comments included, �We work really well as a team�, �I feel supported by the managers, and you can always talk to them about anything�.

Other professional agencies we spoke to, such as Lancashire Social Services said they have no issues with the agency. They told us they have been involved in investigating some Safeguarding issues. They told us the agency has worked closely with them and has always participated positively in any investigation.

Staff spoken to had a good awareness of individuals care needs and the importance of treating people with respect and dignity. The manager showed us training records to support what training staff have received in respect of making sure staff understand the importance of upholding the principles of privacy and dignity. Comments from staff included, �I think it�s important to make sure people feel comfortable in their own homes, and that they can trust us to give them care in a dignified way�. A person we spoke to who uses the service told us, �The staff are always polite�.