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Distinctive Dentistry Limited


Inspection carried out on 13 June 2013

During a routine inspection

We arranged this inspection visit to Distinctive Dentistry in advance. This helped to ensure that time was made available for us to speak with staff. At the visit we spoke with the providers, (who were both dentists at the practice), and other staff working at the surgery.

During this visit we spoke with two people who used the service and observed a dental consultation. After our visit we telephoned and spoke with nine people who had attended the surgery for consultations or treatment. Everyone we spoke with told us that they were happy with the treatment they received. People told us that staff were always respectful towards them and made them feel welcome. Comments people made included: �Absolutely first class, all the dentists are very good�, �You get a beautiful service� and �They put you totally at ease�.

We found that the practice was well presented, clean and hygienic. People told us that the dental surgery was always clean.

Our conversations with staff and information available told us that staff were suitably qualified for their role. People told us that staff were very helpful and friendly.

There were systems in place that ensured people using the service were asked their views about the service. People we spoke with confirmed that the treatment they received was of good quality. This meant that the provider could use the information they received to improve.